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Embedded systems and software are driving the new-age lifestyle, encompassing various aspects of modern life. As hardware becomes powerful and cost effective, embedded software in devices expands its footprint in various areas such as consumer electronics, transportation, medicine, and manufacturing.

Cable and telecom networks today support higher bandwidths – it is now easier to facilitate a rich multimedia experience on consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, personal navigation, and set-top boxes. These cloud-enabled devices have integrated to act as a one-stop ecosystem, facilitating a host of new solutions in various verticals such as energy, healthcare, automotive, security, point of sale, and home automation.

In the era of rapid convergence, new-age products demand extreme reliability at the lowest possible costs and in the shortest possible timeline. Device manufacturers face some challenges in the following areas:

  • Adoptability: Responding to customer needs rapidly is one of the major challenges for device manufacturers, involving rapid adoption of new technologies, standards, and new geographies.
  • Cost adjustment: The costs of supporting multiple customers worldwide, sustaining and evolving the software to the next generation and creating tools for customer and developer support are regularly on the rise.
  • Short life cycle: Products and technologies are getting obsolete in shorter time spans, leading to shorter shelf life. On the upside, this improves business opportunity and engagements but, at the same time, it causes serious engineering and technology disruptions.
  • Time to market: Cutthroat competition among multiple players in the same industry and overlapping spaces creates enormous pressure on time-to-market for all products.

Value proposition

Engineering Services Embedded Systems group is the partner of choice, bringing cutting-edge professional expertise and sharper business acumen to provide objective insights to address challenges in the embedded landscape. We work for a range of services and solutions to address various embedded strategies across multiple domains to add value to the final, finished products based on the following key differentiators:

  • End-to-end system offerings: Exploit IT possesses end-to-end embedded system capability that ranges from sensing technology to embedded firmware, software and hardware design development. With over two decades of industry expertise, we provide consulting services on systems, spanning concept, requirement, and delivery.
  • Diverse domain expertise and technology leadership: The core logic of embedded systems is similar across industries. Our diverse expertise across various industries such as aerospace, automotive, industrial automation, and medical devices provides intense knowledge and experience to leverage and apply for greater resource utilization and value creation. We have an additional advantage of cross-leveraging other industry expertise, reducing the development cycle and leapfrogging in terms of time-to-market with the right engineering perspective in place.
  • Reduce engineering costs: by running an efficient product development “factory”; we focus on continuous productivity improvement with frameworks to baseline and measure lean engineering methods, while improving and virtualizing lab resources. Our robust partner ecosystem and expertise in design implementation help customers deliver end-to-end solutions, ensuring right quality and on-time project execution. Furthermore, offshore development expertise and the global presence of Exploit IT help customers reduce management efforts, smooth work transitioning and efficient communication, resulting in cost arbitrage without impacting project quality and productivity.

Services and solutions

Exploit IT Embedded Systems group provides offerings that meet diverse industry requirements. We have in-depth domain knowledge and expertise in the entire embedded systems space, ranging from concept to product launch.

We convert client inputs, received in the form of statement of work, into:

  • Software design document
  • Hardware design document
  • Schematics and PCB files/Gerber files for PCB
  • Flow charts
  • Software listing
  • Fully working prototypes of products developed
  • Engineering drawings
  • Product documentation
  • Specially fabricated test jigs
  • Pilot production

Our Products

  • eDiagnosis
  • eMeters
  • GPS / GPRS Systems

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